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About Us

Simplifying Embedded Systems & Cyber Solutions

At Newgen Solutions, we help drive the modern connected world with security tailored for people and their businesses. We safeguard intellectual digital property with intuitive, people-centered and seamless security systems. We strive to secure everything, from premium to sensitive financial, educational and healthcare data, to mission-critical mobile and energy applications. 

Newgen Solutions powers businesses to reach new heights effortlessly, scale easily and win new businesses with custom embedded systems . We also serve to thwart ransomware attacks and protect intellectual property with our frictionless security systems.

Our Products

We are innovative and change oriented. Hence we provide the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for.

Ransomware Protection Software

Our capability based access control system for users helps organizations protect them from Ransomware & certain other malware attacks

Intellectual Property Protection Software

Our Intellectual Property Protection Software helps organizations protect their sensitive data from the eyes of the intruders. 

Custom Embedded Systems with Integrated Software Solutions

Our expertise in Software & Embedded Systems enables us to provide simple &  cost effective custom embedded product solutions for organizations. Our products have helped various organizations in process automation & huge cost saving.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

Our Expertise

What We Do !

We provide Custom made Embedded Products for organizations from various industries. Our high expertise helps in providing simple & cost effective solutions.


We have developed innovative solutions for certain pressing Cyber Security problems present all around the world. 

We also provide custom software integrations for our embedded systems enabling the most efficient use of our products

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